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Air Lubricator   (F.R.L. Air Control Unit, Regular type)


*Air Combination / Air Source Treatment
*Modular FRL Units / Air Preparation / Air Preparation Unit
*Filter Regulator Lubricator Combinations / FRL Combination Units
* Filter / Regulator / Lubricator Combinations
* FRL Filtro regulador lubricador / Filtro FRL regulador lubrificador
* Druckluft Aufbereitung / Filtro regolatore lubrificatore
* ڧݧ-ӧݧѧԧէ֧ݧڧ֧ݧ / ֧ԧݧ էѧӧݧ֧ߧڧ / ҧڧܧѧ
* Filtre régulateur lubrificateur / filtre, regulatorer, smøreapparater
* Filter, regulatorer, smörjare
* ե륿쥮`+֥ꥱ` / FRL˥å
* ⥸饿F.R.L.ӥͩ`
* SARTLANDIRICI / ثلاث نقاط الجمع
* ՚{M / c^V
L502 L503 L504
Port Size (PT, NPT) 1/4” 3/8” 1/2”
Filter Element
Proof Input Pressure (PSI) 215
Proof Output Pressure (PSI) 145
Max Flow (l/min) 2200 3000 3100
Operating Temperature Range ( ) 5 ~  60
Drain Capacity (ml) 55 ml
Oil Capacity (ml) 80 ml
mmendable Lubricants
  • Solid – Steel bowl containers offer better protection.
  • Safe – Lockable buckles for firm installation.
In FRL combination (air preparation) category, Hui Bao (THB) provides five categories products which are all essential parts to an efficient air system. The five categories product comprise –
(1)   Filter – Filter water / vapor in order to extend the service life of air tool / air system.
(2)   Regulator --- can make sure the output/working pressure is in a certain level.
(3)   Lubricator --- Supply lubricator to extend the service life of air tool / air system.
(4)   Air cleaner / dryer --- Filter oil / mist and dry air for particular application such as
 paint spray gun.
(5)   Auto Drains --- Collecting drops from mechanical operation. 
In terms of product range for FRL, we have 1/8” ~ 1” port sizes, which can fulfill requirements from the consumer level through industrial applications.

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